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Caring for Our Communities

Heather Hill's 4th grade classes are showing that they care about their communities! During the course of an inquiry lesson study with Mrs. Britten, both 4th grade classes discussed issues of social justice, stereotypes and equity. Students were eager to research social issues such as bullying, clean water and homelessness. Each small group of researchers were to develop an understanding of their topic, create an action plan on working towards solving their issue and present their ideas to the class. Each class then voted on a community service project that would make a powerful impact. Mrs. Fiore's class chose to study the consequences of the availability of clean water on a community. They then collected water bottle donations to be sent to residents in Flint, MI. They worked with New Faith Church in Matteson, IL, to transport the water to those in need. Mrs. McWhorter's class chose to study the causes and effects of homelessness. They partnered with Girls on the Run to educate the Heather Hill School community about their research through announcements and posters. They collected donations to provide needed supplies to a local shelter. Both groups of students learned a great deal in their research. More importantly, they learned that each and every person has the ability to make a difference in others' lives. Working together, we can accomplish even more! 

Kid Quotes

"Helping people not only makes you happy, but it makes others happy, too! They get what they need and we are happy because we know that we are helping others in an important way."    --4th grade student

Kid Quotes

"I learned that helping people is a good thing. I didn't know that there were that many people in the world that were homeless--most of them children. I also learned that even though we didn't get enough to help all homeless people, it still makes a big difference because they got help." --4th grade student 

A Memorable Farewell

A Celebrated Educator

Mrs. Sue Aylmer has taught at Heather Hill for the last 9 years. This experience completed her 38 years in the field of education. She recently discovered some old class pictures from her time as a teacher at Mt. Vernon School in Chicago, IL. She sent a copy of these pictures to her former students, including Mrs. Roz McWhorter (4th grade teacher at Heather Hill) and Eddie Johnson (Chicago Police Superintendent). Mrs. McWhorter decided to plan a special surprise for their former beloved junior high teacher's retirement. Superintendent Eddie Johnson came to Heather Hill on the last day of school as a special send off to Mrs. Aylmer.  Several news stations were there to record the happy reunion and to celebrate this amazing educator! We are honored to have had such a dedicated, loving and thoughtful staff member as a part of the Heather Hill team. We wish Mrs. Aylmer all the best in her new adventures! 

Summer Reading Programs

Don't forget to sign up for your local library's summer reading program! You will also find book lists on these sites. Students need to continue to read throughout the summer to maintain the skills they've worked so hard to achieve this year. Here are the links!

Flossmoor Public Library 

Homewood Public Library